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Welcome to Enough CO2

The Easy Way to Save the Planet!

The greenhouse effect is an opportunity for us, as a global community; to live within our means. This site provides up to date information on the latest research and knowledge on global warming. We provide calculators and tools to allow you to calculate how much carbon dioxide you are currently emitting and what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

We have recommendations on the best environmentally friendly products; with information on environmentally friendly companies in many sectors, reviews on the different ways you can offset your holidays to products that you can enjoy while also lowering your carbon footprint.

For businessess and indivduals wanting to reduce their carbon emissions, or become carbon neutral we have carbon offsets. The offsets we offer allow you to decide how you want your carbon reduced, whether that is by saving a portion of a forest in the Amazon, re-forestation of farmland in rural Australia or purchasing renewable electricty from green electricty suppliers.

Our Favorite Book

The Amazing Kindle 2

Kindle 2


The Kindle 'disappears' as you read it, once you have the Kindle in your hands, you forget everything and become immersed in what you're reading. The Kindle is balanced, portable, and entirely usable in any situation. I now read newspapers, when previously I found the paper versions too cumbersome.

Overall, the Kindle is an amazing product. It did the basics well in the original model and the Kindle 2 has improved on a lot of dimensions. Buy one now!

Get Lower Energy Bills

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Sylvania CFL 23 Watt


There are many CFL or Low Energy Bulbs available, I prefer these bulbs from Sylvania the most. They provide a warm and pleasant light, more like a traditional incandescent color.

Since using these I feel good about saving a lot of money and using less electricity. They fit readily into standard lamp sockets and turn on quickly.

Buy them now!

A Whole Economy Run on Green Energy Base Power?

AUSTRALIA could switch completely to renewable energy within a decade by building a dozen vast, new solar power stations and about 6500 wind turbines, according to a major new study. The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan - a collaboration between Melbourne University's Energy Research Institute, the environment group Beyond Zero Emissions and engineers Sinclair Knight Merz, puts the cost at $37 billion in private funding and public investment every year for the next decade.

A Basic Explanation of Global Warming


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Getting Involved

We all have a part to play in creating a sustainable future for our planet. There are many ways you can help, whether it is riding your bicycle to school or work, buying energy efficient lightbulbs or a planting a tree in your backyard.

We have advice for individuals, schools and businesses for the best way to provide maximum impact on your carbon reduction, with minimal effort, because reducing carbon doesn't have to be painful.

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